Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting YOUR kid in a Shakespeare play

Did you know every single year all over the country, actually, all over the world, there are Shakespeare festivals in almost every major city? What's really great about these festivals, is that they all, usually, have a place for kids in one of their plays. Most the time it's a small part, but what a great opportunity and experience for your kid to be exposed to Shakespeare. Most of the time the roles are not filled. And if they are, it's played by a young looking adult that has another part in the play.  However, you can sometimes come up to the director and let them know you have a kid that is interested, and they will usually try to find a way to put them in. So if you're looking for a way to expose your kid to Shakespeare, and they're excited about theater, go ahead and find a local Shakespeare Festival.  If you do a simple search on Google you will usually find one near you.  Happy hunting! For more ideas about kids and Shakespeare, visit our site. There are great links, videos, and FANTASTIC Shakespeare for Kids books. Http://