Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Shakespeare? or #whyShakespeare

Really, why Shakespeare? You know, I never really thought about it, just accepted it. Well, I will have you know, that there are some VERY good reasons for why Shakespeare. This fun little project was brought to us by @_clayr_ because a school project for his kid. @_clayr_ original post was:
_clayr_ My kids working on project to answer the question Why Shakespeare? Hope to collect as many thoughts as possible. Please RT. #whyshakespeare
At that point, it just took off. Some of my favorites were:

From @datruss
Because tragedy is truly understood thru storytelling
From @Mrkeenan
Once you understand the language, his characters are among the most relevant of any in literature
From @nothingfuture
Because he wrote about the human condition, which is still (& always) relevant. If you're human.
Because he's able to say the most low-brow things in the most high-brow way.
One word is all you really need here: Groundlings
From @findingdulcinea
Richard Nixon as Richard II, O.J. Simpson as Othello. Even Steven Spielberg admits Shakespeare just about said it all.
And the last from @mikelomo
Top Three reasons for #whyshakespeare: Words, Words, Words
But my favorite was @Shakespeare4kid
Because he gave us so many great insults to use!

Well, I think you have waited long enough, just go straight to Twitter and search for: #whyShakespeare.

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